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Cartoon superhero drawn by Mark

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5k July 31, 2010

Well we have decided to do the 5k again. Last year it was a benefit 5k and we wanted to raise funds for Lynn and the kids. This year it is a memorial 5k andwe just want to have a good time! Come out and join us. Here is the link to the website for more details: The first 500 that sign up receive free Trafalga Activity Passes (7$ value) also top finishers for Male and Female categories will receive 6 month gym memberships from Anytime Fitness. There will also be a kids race for the younger runners. We will have free cotton candy, music, nice shirts and loads of fun!!!

See you there!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mark the Great 5k Returns!!!

The Mark the Great Memorial 5k will take place Saturday, July 31st, 2010. Race time will begin promptly at 8:00 am for the 5k. A Kids fun run will also take place but those details are to come.

We had a great turn out last year and look forward to a beautiful flat course, great prizes and nice shirts! More details are to come!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Memories from James Harward a friend and former work associate

Here are some memories from James Harward a friend and former work associate

"I worked with Mark for years at Sprinkler World. One of his quirks that always made me laugh was his pushing his sleeves up above his biceps. If a sleeve would work its way down, he would quickly push it back up. When we heard of Marks passing, us boys at the Sprinkler World in Orem, pushed up our sleeves in honer of Mark. We had to give it up quickly because we all lacked the biceps to hold our sleeves up.

Mark always used the word stewardship. He would come up to me and say, "James, I have a stewardship for you." I think I must have been thirteen, or fourteen when one of my stewardship's was to clean the bathrooms at our Spanish Fork store. He showed me what to do, and gave me a few different cleaners. I pointed at a particular stain and asked what would be best to get it cleaned. He told me that with that stain, I would "just have to use elbow grease." Well, seeing as though we were a store that sells parts called elbows, and pipe lubes, and glues, I began my search for elbow grease. After about a half hour of searching, Mark tracked me down and asked me what I had been doing the entire time. I told him I couldn't find any elbow grease. While the other workers had their fun teasing the bosses dumb kid, Mark put his arm around my shoulder, and explained to me, while walking me back to the bathroom, that "elbow grease" meant that I would have to work hard at it.

Mark was always kind to me. Yes he would tease me at times, but with Mark you didn't feel made fun of. While most other adults naturally talk down to teenagers, Mark had a way of making you feel like he did care. I always appreciated that.

One last story. One day, with a store full of customers, Mark got on the intercom and said, "I'd like to bare my testimony, that I know Sprinkler World is true, and it is the only true sprinkler store..." He continued on in testimony fashion talking about our store. That is the quirky Mark we all loved. Even though Mark "apostatized" from Sprinkler World, and went to work for other sprinkler stores, we all loved him. I want to say that in behalf of all the Harwards. How could we not continue to love him. I don't know many men that had such a talent of bringing happiness with them everywhere they went. I don't think I've known many men that represent kindness, the way he did. He was a man that had morals and beliefs, and he lived them. He used those beliefs to benefit my life and many others. I did not know he had a title, but I know it well now. I can't think of him as anything but "Mark The Great.""

Friday, November 6, 2009

Remembering Mark on his Birthday

Today is Mark's Birthday. I just wanted to tell his kids and Lynn how much I love them! Thanks you guys for being so "Great". You have all been such a great strength and example through this loss to me and to everyone. Your faith has renewed mine and you have taught me so much about hope, the resurrection and of eternal life. Love you all.

Love Aunt Suzie

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mark and his name sake

Many of you know that I named my son who is now two after Mark. Here is a picture of Mark looking at my son (his namesake) when he was just a few weeks old. The picture says it all. Mark adored children and they adored him. He always wanted to hold the babies and make the older kids feel special.

When this son was about to be born my husband and I discussed, debated and brainstormed names. We wanted a name that was significant. We wanted a name of someone that this child could look to as an example. We discussed Lincoln and other heroic names. When Mark's name came up we both finally agreed. It was a name of someone dear to us and someone that we wanted our son to see the example of. Mark was honest, serving, compassionate, perceptive and empathetic to others. We had no idea at the time that Mark would pass away the day after our sons second birthday. I am so proud of my brother. He lived such a good life his service will be endless. One that my little boy can look to as an example and pattern.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

5k a success!

Click here for 5k pictures

Click here for 5k results

Here are pictures from the 5k and thanks to Sasha Pachev from we have our results ALREADY which is pretty amazing! Thanks Sasha you champ!

I am not sure how to express my gratitude in words for those who came to support our family and to run the race. We expected at the most 300 but were surprised when our numbers kept growing and exceeded what we thought possible. We had nearly 600 participants and volunteers.

We apologize to those of you who did not receive a shirt on race day but our hearts are full of love and appreciation for your support. Thanks to everyone who ran, donated or volunteered.

Everyone seemed to love the flat almost turnless course surrounded by beautiful fields. We got amazing times with the first Jeff McClellen at 15:27, our first Female was Jennifer Hughes at 18:53!

Below is a link to some pics. Take a look you may be surprised at who you might see. Our picture takers Austin Wride and Jocelin Blomn did a great job.

Pictures from the 5k

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sponsors for Mark the Great Benefit 5k

We have some fabulous prizes for the Raffle for the 5k! Below is a list of sponsors who have donated! Thanks Everyone!

Condie Construction
La Casita
Ruby River
Northstar Printing Company
Allstar Sanitation
Marc Penrod
Anytime Fitness
Photography by Jocelin
Wink Photography
Costa Vida
Gingers Garden Café
MVP Sports
Pediatric Dental Care
Little Ceasars
Stadium Cinemas
Pizza factory
Mi Rancherito
Presitge hair
Prim rose retreat
Segal book
Spanish 8 movie
Cal Rach
Michael Bennett DDS
Alpine Air
Mary Kay
Spanish Oaks
Tyler Ashman DDS
Rumbi Grill
East Bay Golf
Little Giant Latter
Complete Bowling Service
papa kelseys pizza
Agel cares
Central utah clinic
Dan Dansie DDS
Zubs Pizza
Payson Market
Bona signs
Flyer and T-shirt Design by Rachael Gibson
Little Caesars Pizza
Sentsy-Tonjnelle Halladay
Kate and Donna- Home Purse Parties

Some of the Raffle Prizes Include:
Gym memberships
Polar Heart Rate Monitor
Spa Passes
Remote Soccer games
Movie Passes
Hair Salon Gift certificate
Dentist gift Certificates
Grocery gift certificates
Walmart gift certificates
Dutch Oven
Golfing including the cart
Professional Teeth Bleaching
Family Photography Packages
Bowling ball
Little Giant Latter
Free wisdom teeth removal
Free teeth whitening
BBQ grill
Restaurant gift Certificates: Costa Vida, La Casita, Pizza Factory, Rumbi Grill. Gingers Cafe,Bajio, Mi Rancherito, Ruby River
All Star Sanitation

Special Thanks to all our sponsors who also donated anonymously!